Sunday, March 23, 2014

Too fast.

I can't believe she is going to be 2 this year! Where did the time go? I feel like I just gave birth yesterday. Well if i look at my body, I would still think that I am still pregnant. Haha.

She is one funny kid. I guess she inherits it from my dad. She amuses us every single day with her wits. I would say my life is complete now having a great loving hubby and a sweet cheeky caca around.

I do get questions about the second *cough baby. The 'when' question. Hubby did say that one is enough.  My family too. An Indian nurse asked me whether I will try for a second one. She was attending me when I was warded in ICU last month. I said maybe just this one and told her abt my conditions. Her immediate response, " Tapi kalau Tuhan nak bagi, ambil ajer.." That is so true. So I am letting Him to decide.

Friday, March 21, 2014

Marissa's nursery!

Hi! I just realized that I haven't talk about Marissa's nursery.  It has only been about 2 months but she is adapting well there.  She used to cry whenever I sent her off or fetch her from the nursery. Now she won't look back to wave good bye! I get irritated at times.haha.

We noticed that she has improved in a lot of things too. She has no interest in mobile phones anymore; she behaves well; understands instructions and speaks better too. even the principal said caca is adapting very well too.

They do provide daily report to the parents. In it they will write down the time caca is being fed; shower and poo. They will also write what caca eats for lunch and the activites done on that least 
I can plan which activity that i would like to do in the weekend.

They alternate the food every week and I am very happy that they serve healthy food to the kids. I am very particular about Marissa's food. She is almost 2 but I have never given her any type of sweets, milo, cereals or any other processed food except biscuits and breads.  I just started introducing cake to Marissa but I would carefully select it first. Her diet is usually any type of finger food that i made like pancakes, french toast, homemade nuggets, but her favourite would be soup with all sorts of vegetables and protein.

Some of the menu that I see are soft tofu and fuchuk porridge; pasta served with carrots, potatoes, minced meat and dried basil soup; salmon,carrot &potato porridge and chicken and broccoli porridge. She refused to eat nursery's food for the first 2 weeks but now the teacher said she can finish up 2 bowls of porridge sometimes.

Activity wise, they do focus on motor skills, cognitive development and social development.
Some activities might be very light in adult's eyes but very crucial in developing certain sets of skills. There will be at least 2 skills or role play that they do every day. Enough to keep Marissa occupied and gets her to sleep early every single night!

The teachers are super nice too. I have not seen any of them raising their voice to the kids. Ration teachers to kids are 1: 2 or 3 depending on the age group.  The are great with the kids and Marissa loves them so much.

Fees wise; yes it is pricier than any other nursery out there but it is not easy to find a place that we love. Some of my friends are quite shocked with the fees but both hubby and I are very fussy. Some even question our decision but we said why not? If you can splurge on unnecessary stuffs, buying expensive clothes for yourself, branded items etc, why complain about paying a bit more for your kid's well being? Anak tu amanah Allah. So to us, providing the best for her is number 1.

We look into a lot of things in looking for a place for Caca and this nursery suits every criteria we look for. I have no complain about the fees since the teachers are all certified with either in nursing or in early childhood.