Friday, December 27, 2013

Pink Lilies

My house smells so good at this moment. The pink lilies that hubby gave on our anniversary are blooming with joy! Hehe.

The lilies he got this time are huge. Bigger than my hand. I put them in 2 vases; one in our bedroom and the one in the living room.

This is way better than store bought perfume!

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Our 3rd Anniversary.

Baruuuuu 3 tahun. What has 3 years taught me? It has taught me that you can fall in love over and over again with the same person!

Boo boo, You are still the same person I married to 3 years ago. You have never failed to make me laugh or cry. :p Here is to many more years to come Insya Allah.

Marissa's Milestone : Talking

Hmm bulan 12 genaplah marissa 1 years 6 months calculated age 1 year 3 months.

At this age, she has started to pronounce some words clearly. One of her very first words is Thank you. Tapi dia pronounce ada pelat sikit lah  but you know that it is Thank you. Every time dia ambil barang ke nak bagi barang ke mesti dia cakap thank you. However, this week dia tukar pulak thank you tu bunyi macam TATAP. Tatau apsal. I need to say more thank you from now on.

Cat, Cow,  Apple, Bird and Abang sangat jelas pronounciation dia. She knows that birds can fly so everytime we are outside, she would look up and point out at the birds. At this point, cats and dogs looks the same to her. Hehe. She would say cat whenever she sees a dog near us.

Dah pandai point out mana dia sakit and when asked what happened to it, sometimes she would say jatuh.  She has started to say daddy but most of the time its Da. No mummy yet though. 
Sometimes dia akan pronounce her name as aaaiissssssha..with heavy pronounciation on the S.

Other words are still rough on the edge. She babbles a lot and she likes to copy what i said. I need to be extra careful now as she is absorbing it like a sponge. Need to keep my mouth from swearing! Hehe.

Overall I am quite happy with a progress. Not bad for someone that had a hole in her brain. Good job caca!

Friday, December 13, 2013

"Count The Books Giveaway"! giveaway by Mama Liza!

Mama Liza is doing a giveaway contest that ends by the end of this month!
What will you win?

The first winner will win:

And 3 other winners will get some products from Phillips Avent:

How to win this contest? You need to count how many books are there in this picture:

Please visit her blog at to see the terms and conditions!

Big Bad Wolf

We went to the biggest book sale this year; the Big Bad Wolf sale!

We went during business hours but there were still a lot of people around. However, due to the huge space, you don't really feel crowded at all. The sale is held at a big hall at MIECC The Mines. 

One section on the kids area.

We decided to just go for awhile as we didn't want to be stuck in the traffic jam. Hubby even set an alarm for 1 hour. Haha. Boy oh boy did we missed the alarm! We went crazy at the kids and cookery section. Too many books to choose from! I put Marissa in Boba but halfway through, she wanted me to just carry her. Ouch, my arms are still hurting since then.

We were there for 1 hour 30 minutes and then rushed back home. Alhamdulillah, the traffic was smooth.

Hubby dengan hasil tangkapan!
We brought along a trolley bag with us and that is a savior! We actually parked outside The Mines and walked to the MIECC. So this bag saved our lives. 

Books for Marissa. I have finished reading all of them to her though!

Our books!

We managed to spend around rm180 for all these books! Isn't it cheap? What a steal!

We did go for a second round though! Haha. 

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Kelas Swissroll

This is a quite overdue punya post. I attended a class organized by Kak Rani from RaniCakes when I went back to Perlis a couple of weeks back. The class was conducted by another baker based in Penang( Tashyaroll's Homecakes) .

I was quite nervous to find out other participants were bakers as well but it  turned out that everyone was very friendly.

We learned how to make decorated swissroll! I have been watching the technique from youtube from weeks and now I get to see it personally how easy it is! The tip is you need to make the design first, bake it then fill up the rest of the batter to the cake pan.

Cikgu showing us the technique to draw strawberry
This is the polkadot design. The polkadot has been baked for a minute then the rest of the batter is being added after that. That way, the polkadot stays in shape.

This is everyone's favorite. Rainbow swissroll!

 She taught us to make 5 different sets of designs plus the polkadot and we get to bring them home too. Look at these beauties!

I haven't had the time to try this at home but will do so on. I might take orders as some of my friends has started asking me about it. I want to make my own strawberry and blueberry jams first to be made as the filling.  I don't want to buy the ready made ones. It'll taste better isn't it? 


Saturday, December 7, 2013


I lost a friend yesterday. A great friend. He was my colleague and my first partner when I started working with HP. We always had lunch together either with my other colleague or just the two of us. He is like a brother, a mentor to me.

He has been sick since Raya due to pneumonia.  We thought he would recover. Since raya, he has been going in and out of the hospital several times. Along that time, he was still working from home. I have been wanting to visit him but never actually find an ample time to do that. 2 weeks back I told hubby that we would visit him after I came back from Perlis.

I came back from Perlis on Thursday. The moment I reached back in KL, I immediately asked our Whatsapp group the update on Helmi. They said so far his wife hasn't given any update yet, but he was in ICU a week before. So I said to myself, I better go and visit him.

The next day, my ex colleague called around 9am saying that Helmi had passed away. It took me awhile to sink it in. I cried my heart out. They suspected that it was a cancer.  Yesterday, my news feed was full with condolences from everyone that knew him. Alhamdulillah, he is remembered as the nicest person we have ever met. He was the type of person that would go beyond anything to help you out.

Arwah dikebumikan di Kedah. He left his wife with a 2 year old daughter, Dian. His wife  texted me just now saying that Dian has been missing her dad since yesterday. She has been crying and having tantrum. Ya Allah,sayunya hati ni even a 2-year-old can sense it.

I have been blaming myself for not finding time to see him when he was sick. Rasa ralat sangat. However, my friend Abie said there is a hikmah why I didn't see him when he was sick. He had lost 20kgs since raya. All I could remember was the healthy him. The guy who loves her daughter so much.

You left us too soon. Allah loves you more Helmi.