Thursday, January 23, 2014

Bread Baking class

We went back to Perlis for a few days. I had a baking class and kak rani's place again and this time I learned how to make breads and buns!

The class was conducted by Mamazieza from penang.. There were about 10 of us and boy oh boy it was fun. The class started around 9am and finished around 6pm! I was already missing Marissa by 4pm. Lol.

Mamazieza uses pure butter in her recipe which I like! Of course any recipe that uses pure butter tastes a lot better.she also gave tons of tips such as how to get the dough to be elastic, how to roll the dough and how much dough needed for each type of bread.

It took a long time to get all the dough rise though. It has been windy in Perlis and Kedah so the yeast is not working that well. Howevwr, despite having to wait for quite sometime for the dough to arise,  the end result was sooooooo good! Every bread is so soft, buttery, fluffy and taste sooo good!

This is indeed a class that I will always treasure. We took all the bread home and my mom said everything was delicious.

Check out the pictures I took:

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