Thursday, October 17, 2013

Evernote: Food

This is my current favorite app on my phone. Evernote: Food.

Check out the tutorial for this App:

Isn't it awesome?

There are 4 tabs on the app but it can do so much with all these 4.
The first tab is Explore recipe. You can do a quick search on the app to find any recipe but if you can't find what you want you can search it on the web as well. Once you have found the recipe, you can clip it to your Cookbook which is the second tab. Once you have clipped the recipe on your cookbook you can easily access it without any Internet connection.

That is a good thing for me because it's hard to get any connection in my kitchen. So by clipping the recipe, I don't have to be scared of losing the recipe again! Above picture is an excerpt from my Cookbook. I am a fan of Jamie Oliver so there are a lot of his recipes there. :)

You know when you stumbled across and article or a picture of a restaurant on Instagram and you said I need to try this place one day and the next day you forgot where the restaurant is? That happens to me a lot. I still haven't recover from the pregnancy brain I had a year ago. Pfeeh.

Anyway, the third tab is Restaurant. You can search and clip the restaurant and you won't forget about it ever again. It even has a map tagged with the location. Easy peasy!

And the last tab: My meals. Who doesn't love taking pictures of your food? Need I say more? LOL

Get this app guys!

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