Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Breakfast Picnic at Lake Garden

We had a great morning at Lake Garden last Saturday. I made sandwiches and my cousin bought nasi lemak for our picnic cum playdate. This was our first time to the playground. It's huge! Marissa was so excited!

One part of the playground. There's more on the left side.
This is another part of the playground

 We reached there around 9 am. Just nice. It wasn't too hot and there were not many kids around. Marissa was so fascinated with the squirrels and birds.

Watching daddy feeds the birds
Macam boboy tak? haha
 We try to bring Marissa out to non crowded places.This is the perfect place for her. I don't know whether it is always like this or it was just our luck. There were people having a birthday party there as well but because the park is big, kids can run around freely! Sangat best!


  1. Dah ok. Cunn!! Aku pun tak pernah p Lake Garden wei. Kesian.

    1. Pegik la..aku rasa Adam pon mesti suka weih. sebab ada yang utk budak besar sama.