Tuesday, November 19, 2013

World Prematurity Day

17th November every year is the Word Prematurity Day celebration. Do you know that 1 in 10 babies in the world are born premature?

Wikipedia explained that Premature birth is defined either as the same as preterm birth, or the birth of a baby before the developing organs are mature enough to allow normal postnatal survival. Preterm birth means giving birth to a baby before 36 weeks.

Premature infants are at greater risk for short and long term complications, including disabilities and impediments in growth and mental development.It is among the top causes of death in infants worldwide.

My daughter was born premature at 27 weeks with the birthweight 750grams. She had to be born early because i had severe pre eclampsia due to the hypertension. She is almost 1 year 6 months and alhamdullilah she is healthy. We still quarantine her when she is sick and that really helps. We still don't take her to crowded places as much.

She was in NICU at hukm for 80 days under the best prof ever: Prof Cheah. His team of doctors were very supportive to the parents. She didn't have much of complication except for 1 blood tranfusion and a series of apnea after that due to the infection from the tranfusion. She did have a prominent hole on her brain due to the lack of oxygen in the womb. However we did an MRI when she was about 7 months old and doctore said its not there anymore.

Looking back I am very thankful that she is fit and healthy to this day. Many of her preemie friends had to go through many complications such as ROP (retinapathy of prematurity) Pda, and hernia.

I didn't even know that Malaysia has a lot of premature birth cases until Marissa came into our life. To all mothers out there, please educate yourself about premature birth or even babies when you are expecting. Please read more of the risks of pregnancy as well. We do have a few support groups in FB.  It does help a lot to share your experience with the first time parents of premature babies.  You can search for JEWEL ( Miracle Baby Family United ) in FB.

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