Friday, November 22, 2013

Tips on becoming a housewife

I have several people asking me whether do we have enough to go by monthly once I quit my job. They also asked what should they prepare for if they want to quit their job like me.

To tell you the truth, I am not the right person to answer these questions! Why? Because I quit my job without much plans. I did it because of Marissa. However, I can list out a few things from what I have experienced throughout the whole year of being a housewife. It's not easy I tell you! Especially when you are living in KL.

Haha I wish I am like this!

1. List out all your debts. Minimize it to the maximum especially your credit card. Just have 1 credit card at least. We didn't do that and it's biting us in the butt. LOL

2. I unsubscribed my 3G line since I am mostly at home. We have WIFI at home so it wasn't an issue at all. I used to pay rm200 more or less monthly including the 3G subscriptions but at the moment my phone bill is only around rm40. It took me awhile to get used to not having any internet connections when I am on the go but on the good side, you won't see us playing on the phone while having dinner or hanging out somewhere. No anti social geeks at all! LOL.

3. Invest in a good, big fridge. This is the first thing I did when I quit my job. I cook most of the time now so it is essential to get a good fridge that can store a lot of food. Oh plus, we have the habit of buying a lot of seafood and meat whenever we're back in our hometown so I need a fridge that has a big freezer! If only the house is bigger, I would have gotten a deep freezer as well.

4. Once you have the big fridge, please cook at home! It doesn't have to be a big feast everyday. Just simple healthy meals. You will save a lot if you eat at home. You can control the MSG, the salt and only use fresh ingredients.

4. Buy only when you need it. Don't buy just because it is on sale. Think whether this is something you need. Whether do you need a 100 of these because its on sale or just 2? Plan your spending. Our focus is mostly on our daughter. So the expenses on her must be the number 1. Oh ni paling susah. Took us awhile to adjust to this.

5. Solat sunat Dhuha. Try to perform solat sunat Dhuha whenever you can and be grateful with what you have. Insya Allah rezeki tu ada.


  1. Good tips especially the data plan. Kalau ada memang sik lah nak memebelek hp jak. Haha.

  2. Hello! Adore you so much! my hubs a doctor (still a horseman), we live nearby our parents so I will always lari to my parents' or in-laws'.. I just can't stay with my baby. Tiring and boring. I need interactions with adult gak. How do you do it? Can you share your schedule? bila masa you kemas rumah and etc with Marissa around?

    1. I don't really have a specific schedule.I don't wake up too early. I do house chores at night after everyone is asleep. That way, the house is already clean when my daughter is awake in the morning. I let her play and semakkan the house and I kemas as I go along. I don't wait by the end of the day to clear HER mess. Lepas dia sepahkan buku2, she will go and play her toys, so I kemas her books. Even later when she goes back to her books, then you kemas balik after that. That way, the house will always looks good. I am particular like that.

      I try to get her to take nap every 3 hours or so, That way I can breathe a bit and have a little me time or cook!

      I do have interactions with adult which is when hubby is home! hehe. It gets bored once in awhile when she was smaller but now I don't have the time to feel bored.

      Do some activities with your daughter. Read books, teach ABC, do puppetry etc.
      When she is asleep, try and take some free courses online. There are a number of courses by prestigious universities like MIT that is given free. At least you have an adult activity for yourself.

  3. Ila cuti separuh gaji for 6 mont..campur cuti bsalin 9 bulan kt umh..tak mudahhhh... tapu bahagia ank2 depan mata