Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Marissa's Milestone : Talking

Hmm bulan 12 genaplah marissa 1 years 6 months calculated age 1 year 3 months.

At this age, she has started to pronounce some words clearly. One of her very first words is Thank you. Tapi dia pronounce ada pelat sikit lah  but you know that it is Thank you. Every time dia ambil barang ke nak bagi barang ke mesti dia cakap thank you. However, this week dia tukar pulak thank you tu bunyi macam TATAP. Tatau apsal. I need to say more thank you from now on.

Cat, Cow,  Apple, Bird and Abang sangat jelas pronounciation dia. She knows that birds can fly so everytime we are outside, she would look up and point out at the birds. At this point, cats and dogs looks the same to her. Hehe. She would say cat whenever she sees a dog near us.

Dah pandai point out mana dia sakit and when asked what happened to it, sometimes she would say jatuh.  She has started to say daddy but most of the time its Da. No mummy yet though. 
Sometimes dia akan pronounce her name as aaaiissssssha..with heavy pronounciation on the S.

Other words are still rough on the edge. She babbles a lot and she likes to copy what i said. I need to be extra careful now as she is absorbing it like a sponge. Need to keep my mouth from swearing! Hehe.

Overall I am quite happy with a progress. Not bad for someone that had a hole in her brain. Good job caca!


  1. Good job Marissa. I never know about that Mai. Tak kritikal kan....

    1. Not anymore i think. last MRI looks good but paed still wants to monitor her