Thursday, December 12, 2013

Kelas Swissroll

This is a quite overdue punya post. I attended a class organized by Kak Rani from RaniCakes when I went back to Perlis a couple of weeks back. The class was conducted by another baker based in Penang( Tashyaroll's Homecakes) .

I was quite nervous to find out other participants were bakers as well but it  turned out that everyone was very friendly.

We learned how to make decorated swissroll! I have been watching the technique from youtube from weeks and now I get to see it personally how easy it is! The tip is you need to make the design first, bake it then fill up the rest of the batter to the cake pan.

Cikgu showing us the technique to draw strawberry
This is the polkadot design. The polkadot has been baked for a minute then the rest of the batter is being added after that. That way, the polkadot stays in shape.

This is everyone's favorite. Rainbow swissroll!

 She taught us to make 5 different sets of designs plus the polkadot and we get to bring them home too. Look at these beauties!

I haven't had the time to try this at home but will do so on. I might take orders as some of my friends has started asking me about it. I want to make my own strawberry and blueberry jams first to be made as the filling.  I don't want to buy the ready made ones. It'll taste better isn't it? 


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