Saturday, December 7, 2013


I lost a friend yesterday. A great friend. He was my colleague and my first partner when I started working with HP. We always had lunch together either with my other colleague or just the two of us. He is like a brother, a mentor to me.

He has been sick since Raya due to pneumonia.  We thought he would recover. Since raya, he has been going in and out of the hospital several times. Along that time, he was still working from home. I have been wanting to visit him but never actually find an ample time to do that. 2 weeks back I told hubby that we would visit him after I came back from Perlis.

I came back from Perlis on Thursday. The moment I reached back in KL, I immediately asked our Whatsapp group the update on Helmi. They said so far his wife hasn't given any update yet, but he was in ICU a week before. So I said to myself, I better go and visit him.

The next day, my ex colleague called around 9am saying that Helmi had passed away. It took me awhile to sink it in. I cried my heart out. They suspected that it was a cancer.  Yesterday, my news feed was full with condolences from everyone that knew him. Alhamdulillah, he is remembered as the nicest person we have ever met. He was the type of person that would go beyond anything to help you out.

Arwah dikebumikan di Kedah. He left his wife with a 2 year old daughter, Dian. His wife  texted me just now saying that Dian has been missing her dad since yesterday. She has been crying and having tantrum. Ya Allah,sayunya hati ni even a 2-year-old can sense it.

I have been blaming myself for not finding time to see him when he was sick. Rasa ralat sangat. However, my friend Abie said there is a hikmah why I didn't see him when he was sick. He had lost 20kgs since raya. All I could remember was the healthy him. The guy who loves her daughter so much.

You left us too soon. Allah loves you more Helmi.

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